We're a small team making your big dreams come true!

What's In A Name?

We chose the name Blueberry Whale for a number of reasons. The first is that blueberries are sweet (and we like to think we’re a pretty sweet group to work with). But they also come in a small package, just like the size of our group. We contrasted this with the awesome power and majesty of a whale. You hire a blueberry, but you get a whale.

We’re sweet.
We’re awesome.
We’re Blueberry Whale.
And we look forward to being your next web designer.

Our Passion Matches Yours.

We understand what it's like to start a business. The excitement and the stress, the ups and the downs. We got into web and graphic design because it is something we enjoyed. But we started a business because we love to see the passion of our clients. We're here because we love what we do and that's making your dreams come true.


Provide a stress free and world class customer experience, while delivering the ideal product to suit the needs of our client.


To make dreams come true for our clients and community.


Do good. Be good.

Why Choose Us

As entrepreneurs, we've been in the shoes of a start-up and having to figure everything out. As college graduates, we've been in the shoes of trying to stand out in the crowd to get a great job. And as creatives, we've been in the shoes of trying to showcase our skills. So why choose us? Because we understand your needs and we're passionate about your success.

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